Cyndi Says Relax! - Malt Cross

Cyndi Says Relax!

On Friday 28th June Malt Cross will be taken over by Cyndi Says Relax, a collaborative event and platform for all women and non-binary people in Nottingham. There will be a Movers and Makers market featuring local artists & makers, campaign and change groups, charities, community groups and Women-led & LGBTQ+ businesses from 11am-5pm followed by Sisters of Sound Live DJ Set from 6pm onwards.

We caught up with two of the stall holders to ask them about themselves and why they got involved, plus Sisters of Sound to find out what to expect from their DJ set.

Nikita Malik

Nikita Malik is a local female artist, who is very passionate about the link between art and wellbeing. She created the unique concept ‘Dreamscapes’ as a mindfulness tool, each piece of art serving a different purpose. Using elements like colour psychology and symbolism she creates intentional spaces that reach the subconscious mind and allow people to slow down, heal and become the freest version of themselves.

Nikita said, “I have visited Malt Cross a couple of times now, and as an Interior Architecture graduate, absolutely fell in love with the space. I also believe in the power of art to drive change in our community, and I look forward to being part of an event that supports this. I’m looking forward to connecting with people and sharing experiences, everyone seems to see different things in my Dreamscapes and I love to hear what they bring to each person!”

Soroptimist International of Nottingham

Soroptimist International of Nottingham has been running for more than 85 years. They are part of a worldwide organisation, Soroptimist International, a global volunteer movement with a network of just under 65,000 club members in 118 countries. Advocating for human rights and gender equality is at the heart of Soroptimist International.

Soroptimist International Nottingham work on local, national, and international projects, supporting women and girls and helping them to fulfil their potential. They currently support several local refuges and other organisations; and also organise a competition which culminates in the presentation of the Audrey Jones Journalism Award.

They have been very active in raising awareness of the United Nations campaign to end violence against women and girls and hold ‘Orange Cafés’ where they take a table in a local café and raise awareness of the campaign to end violence against women and girls.

The group became involved with Cyndi Says Relax after approaching Malt Cross to ask about hosting an ‘Orange Café’ table and were told about the event. Soroptimist International are really looking forward to joining other women’s’ groups at Cyndi Says Relax and finding out about their activities – and perhaps even recruiting a few new members!

Sisters of Sound

Sisters of Sound are a female vinyl-only DJ collective based in Nottingham, who play a wide variety of genres and music styles. They’re made up of DJs Cherry Fuzz, Tessa Blanc Et Bleu, Sue Starbucks, Kat Amongst The Pigeons, and Sonia Stiff Kitten.

As females doing regular gigs around the city they are aware of the need of this type of event, and are very happy as a female collective to collaborate, celebrate and support fellow females and the non binary community through music. They’re looking forward to being around like minded people, to relax, dance and just enjoy the music and atmosphere, with no agenda only joy!

As there are currently only a handful of female DJs in Nottingham, Cyndi Says Relax is the most perfect event for them to be involved with, and they’re the ideal soundtrack creators for the event.

Come and join Nikita, Soroptimist International Nottingham, and Sisters of Sound at Cyndi Says Relax on Friday 28th June

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